Utilizing Automation to Keep Made in USA Electronics Assembly Cost Competitive

Most companies outsource manufacturing to lower costs in one form or another. Often there are tradeoffs in achieving that cost savings. For example, moving a project offshore may lower the cost of labor while increasing logistics and inventory cost. This drives a balancing act in terms of assessing advantages and disadvantages of a specific manufacturing location or contract manufacturer. At EDM, we apply engineering expertise to level the U.S. playing field whenever possible. We’ve found that when all costs are considered, an optimized automation strategy keeps labor costs competitive, especially when the cost advantages of improved responsiveness, and lower finished goods inventory in transit and simplified logistics are considered. This whitepaper looks at some of the ways we’ve applied this strategy. Read the full whitepaper here.

EDM’s Automated Potting Solution Reduces Time While Ensuring Uniform Fills

Does your product require potting? EDM offers this service using Glenmark Systems’ Portionator AM100. In this video, Joe Cowell (EDM’s Production Controller) explains the benefits of this machine and shows it running.

EDM’s Custom Solution to Handling and Tracking Moisture Sensitive Parts

When it comes to building quality into products, little things matter. One area of concern is moisture-sensitive parts. At EDM, our focus on quality includes a focus on keeping your parts safe from damage that can be caused by over-exposure to moisture.

EDM has always protected and tracked your moisture sensitive parts, but our new custom-designed software has improved our efficiency and accuracy of this necessary task. Take a look at this short video on why moisture can be a big threat to your PCBs and the innovative solution that EDM’s Engineering Team has developed.

Benefits Of EDM’s OC-SCAN CCX – Component Counter

In high mix production not every reel is fully consumed in a production run. Knowing the exact quantity of parts on every reel is critical in avoiding line-down time due to a parts shortage. Our new x-ray counter, helps ensure highly accurate inventory counts. Dave McAden, EDM’s CTO, will demonstrate the functionality and features of the machine in our 2-minute video.